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Join a brave party of adventurers! Explore a dungeon filled with monsters, traps and treasure!

In Dungeon Raiders, each player takes the role of a different adventurer. You’ll need to work together to survive the dungeon, but only one of you will make it out with the most treasure and win the game!

The dungeon is different each time you play, offering new surprises as you collect treasure, trigger traps, and fight off horrible monsters. Can also be played as a solitaire game: take on the dungeon alone and see how much treasure you can make it out with!

Dungeon Raiders is by award-winning designer Phil Walker-Harding, creator of the hit games Sushi Go!, Cacao, and recent Spiele de Jarh nominee Imhotep.
Dungeon Raiders Game Components: 30 dungeon cards, 25 power cards, 24 item cards, 5 character cards, 5 treasure tracker cards, 5 bag cards, 5 door cards, 11 boss monsters, 50 life tokens, rulebook.

Jeremiah’s Final Verdict–If you haven’t guessed by now, I love this game! No down time, large amounts of player interaction in a game that’s fun, easy to learn, and has high replayability! Dungeon Raiders should be in your collection! “Theology of Games

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