Coming Soon:  Savernake Forest! 

Winter is coming and it’s time for the forest dwellers to store their food.  Players must construct pathways through the forest so that the adorable animals can make their way to their favorite treats!  This lovely game is accessible for casual gamers but presents tough decisions that advanced gamers will enjoy as well.  Look for Savernake Forest in late February!

How to play Savernake Forest

Help the animals collect and store food for the winter!

Savernake forest is a game in which 2 to 4 players build their own section of the forest with paths where animals and food will appear. To score the highest score, players must make sure the animals collect their favorite food. With dreamy artwork, the game offers a perfect balance of fun and strategy that makes it perfect for any type of toy library and playgroup. Take a walk through Savernake in autumn and let yourself be carried away by the charm of its wildlife!