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Mínimo/máximo jugadores1-2
Edad mínima recomendada+12
Tiempo de juego180
Learn: 15
Teach: 10
  • Author Pablo Aguilera
  • Illustrator Àlex Santaló, Jesús Gonzalo, Goretti Pérez and Darío Pérez
  • Game mechanics Cooperative, Hex Movement, Legacy, Mission/Scenario/Campaign, Programmed Movement/Action, Roll and Write/ Flip and Write, Semi-cooperative, Solitaire, Storytelling (Cuenta cuentos)
  • Player Type Amateur, Explorer
  • Gaming Situations Home Alone, Less than One Hour

In the ashes

The sky was dyed red. What seemed like a hum became an explosion in my ears, which left me stunned. A ball of fire and ash crossed the sky towards the interior of the island. A second later, the ground shook as the object hit the mountains.

In the ashes is a tabletop action role-playing game that you can play in a book. It uses innovative mechanics that will allow you to live adventures using a combination of tactical combat, decision making, skill selection, and equipment customization. Much more than a gamebook!

During combat you will play action cards based on your specialties and you will move around the board to fight your opponents. You must consider the actions of your enemies to find the optimal strategy to defeat them.

You’ll live a unique experience in an epic campaign, full of memorable scenes, epic confrontations, and continuous discoveries. All your decisions will affect the story and you will see how your characters evolve depending on the options you choose. 

You only need this book and a pencil to live an adventure full of action and mystery.

Explore Obor Island and choose your destiny!