Experience an epic adventure with In the Ashes, a unique QuestBook

The sky turned red. What started as a low buzz grew into a thundering boom in my ears. Instinct made me crouch down, as a ball of fire and ash shot through the sky, headed towards the inland part of the island. One second later, the earth shook as the fireball crashed into the mountains. This story, like so many great stories, begins in the same place that it ends: on the edge of an abyss.

In the Ashes is an action RPG with tactical tabletop combat that offers you a 12-hour narrative campaign that's fully replayable. It contains an epic story with character evolution, dozens of enemies, legendary items, and spectacular combos with cards. Every decision counts and will lead you to one of the multiple endings. And all you need to enjoy this adventure is a pencil and the book itself.

Based on innovative mechanics designed by Pablo Aguilera, In the Ashes will allow you to live adventures using a combination of tactical combat, decision making, skill selection and equipment customization. Forget about constantly flipping from page to page to read sections or check statistics, as the book has been designed to minimize upkeep so that you can spend your playtime fully immersed in the different scenes.

How to play

In the Ashes follows an open and play philosophy: you’ll learn to play as you progress through the first pages, in a tutorial of increasing complexity fully integrated with the story. However, detailed rules are available in the final pages for more details.

The different scenarios are played on boards that show maps with printed hexagonal spaces, through which the character and his opponents will move. During combat you will play action cards based on your specialties and you will move around the board to combat your opponents. You must consider the actions of your enemies to find the optimal strategy to defeat them.


To move your character around the map of each scenario, you will draw the route with the pencil and depending on the distances you will be able to carry out actions. Turns are planned based on the cards available in that scenario, which will show the available actions. In each round you will mark the cards you want to use, always maintaining a single golden rule: you will not be able to choose cards that share a row or column in the same turn.

Sometimes it will be necessary to roll a die. You can use your own if you want, but In the Ashes gives you the option to open a random page and get a result, as every page in the book has a number between 1 and 6 printed at the top. Depending on your performance in the scenarios, the story will take shape, either by obtaining objects or pieces of information that can be used in the future.