Mozart's Requiem the subject of brand new game from Devir Games


For immediate release – After a wildly successful release at Essen Spiel - the world’s largest board game convention - Devir Games will release a brand new game in North America centered around completing Mozart’s Requiem. 


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is dead. His last conscious action was an attempt to complete the Lacrimosa movement of his Opus Requiem. But, alas, he died before he could see it through. InLacrimosa the board game, you will take on the role of Mozart’s patrons, contributing one last time to fund the composer’s works. 

"So much thought and care have been put into the production and experience of this game! Players get to physically complete the Requiem's musical score and help Mozart travel to several destinations where some of his most important works were completed. Both music lovers and gamers are going to love it!" said Jon-Paul Decosse, Canadian opera performer.


Lacrimosa is a fantastic way for music lovers to experience Mozart in a whole new way. It is the first strategic Euro-style board game with a musical and historical theme. The board game designers, along with publisher Devir Games, worked to stay faithful to the historical events surrounding Mozart’s death and the completion of his Opus Requiem. 

The lush and immersive art by  Jared BlandoEnrique Corominas brings the musical setting to life on your table. And the new and unique approach to classical music adds a playful perspective to events that shaped musical history. It successfully tackles the challenge of translating the process of composing music to board game mechanics.


Lacrimosa will be available in stores and online in North America in October 2022. 

For more information about Lacrimosa:Press Kit


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