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Mínimo/máximo jugadores2-4
Edad mínima recomendada+8
Tiempo de juego30
Learn: 15
Teach: 5
  • Author Grzegorz Rejchtman
  • Illustrator Paulina Wach
  • Game mechanics Dice Rolling, Real Time, tag74, Tile Placement
  • Player Type Family Focused, Sociable
  • Gaming Situations Less than One Hour, Night Out, The Backyard Barbecue, Visiting Cousins


Each player receives task boards with exotic islands. They must be connected with bridges as soon as possible! Players have at their disposal construction fragments of various shapes and lengths. Build, rotate, twist and combine with bridge settings. Watch out for volcanoes! Whoever solves their puzzle the fastest wins the respect of the local Papuans and victory points. Three difficulty levels will allow you to adjust the game to the age and skills of the players.