Barcelona: The Rose of Fire

In Barcelona players take the role of families investing in the expansion of the city and showing off their power through great works, and initiatives. The winning player will be the one who can show their families prestige while controlling the revolutionary movements building within the city.



Bourgeoisie and revolution 1860 – 1930

Barcelona, second half of the 19th century. The city has recently demolished the old walls that prevented its growth and it is slowly extending towards the old surrounding villages. Following Ildefons Cerdà’s layouts, the famous Eixample is starting to take shape. These are prosperous times in which some bourgeois families build their fortunes, and will invest most of them in showing off their power by building unique buildings or supporting popular initiatives. Nevertheless, there is unrest in the city. The prospect of a good future attracts a lot of people looking for work on the big city, and revolutionary movements will soon be popular amongts the unemployed lower classes. Poor living conditions and cheap housing may enforce revolutionary attitudes, and the bourgeoisie may end up paying dearly for their greed.

Barcelona: The Rose of Fire Game Components: 1 game board, 4 family card boards, 90 city tiles, 80 building counters, 16 soldiers, 10 obelisk counters, 80 striking workings, 7 immigration counters, 36 influence counters, 9 influence cards, 82 action cards (labor strike, prestige, popularity, and city), 4 prestige markers, 4 VP markers, 1 bomb marker, 1 first player marker, two cloth bags, rule-book.

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