La Viña

The grape pickers dispute the inheritance of a magnificent yet neglected vineyard. The one who harvests the best grapes becomes the rightful owner of the land. The players go down the board grabbing the most valuable grape cards and try to sell them at the best price to the wineries near the area. If they go too fast, they will take the best cards but risk picking up a small amount of grapes. And if they go too slow, they may witness how their opponents take away the best vines for themselves.



In La Viña, the players advance along the board, collecting cards with the most interesting grapes. To collect the cards you advance along a track that represents the rows of a vineyard. Each track has a series of different grape cards on either side, and you are allowed to choose the cards next to the space you are on, or next to the space you move to. Each turn you can choose a card and advance or advance and choose a card.

At the end of the track, there are different wineries (each preferring a different kind of grape variety). Get the best reward for your harvest from the local wineries by matching your hand of grapes with their needs. If the players go quickly, they may get the best cards, but risk not having enough grapes. If they go too slow, the competition can beat them to the best vines!

Selling your grapes to the wineries gets the players prestige points, and each player has a limited amount of deliveries. The end game triggers when a player makes their last grape delivery. The other players can finish moving through their track. Then, everyone counts their prestige points gained through their previous deliveries, and the player with the most points wins!

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45 min.