Expand Bitoku games with Resutoran 

Bitoku Resutoran: return to the ancient forest with three new flavors 

By popular acclaim, we publish three new expansion modules for Bitoku, the great success of Germán P. Millán and illustrated by Edu Valls, which multiply the possibilities of the base game. 


Diners, welcome! In this humble restaurant, the most delicious delicacies are cooked, and the spirits gather to tell their stories while drinking sake and playing dice. We have prepared a tasting menu with which you will be able to enjoy the best flavors of the ancestral forest. 

After the success of Bitoku, a title in which we embody spirits of an ancient forest full of magical and fascinating creatures, at Devir we received many messages asking us to add components that would multiply the variety of the game and give new approaches to the games. This is how Germán P. Millan, author of the game, Edu Valls, illustrator, and David Esbrí, Devir’s editor, got to work to create Resutoran, the expansion of Bitoku that emerged by popular acclaim. 

Just as if it were a restaurant menu, Bitoku Resutoran offers us three modules that players can consume as they wish: in parts, adding one or two to the base game, as if it were a delicious appetizer, or they can use them all, enjoying a feast. 


The components 

What do the new Resutoran modules consist of? On one hand, we find the module called  Conversations, which includes 6 new yōkai cards and 5 new iwakura rock tiles, which expand the components available to players in each game. In the case of the new cards, a previously unheard-of concept also appears: yōkai alliances, which combine two types of yōkai on the same card at the same time and perform hybrid actions that did not exist before. 

The second menu that BitokuResutoran brings us is called  Kodamas, and it adds 15 new lake treasure tiles (they can also be enjoyed in solo mode!). These tiles are divided into three groups: golden lakes, white lakes, and black lakes. The new treasure tiles are combined with those from the base game to create all kinds of effects, since in addition to earning points at the end of the game they also grant points in the ascension phase or when they reach a certain position with their kodamas. Not only are these new components, but they add a small strategic twist in managing the race to be first on the lakes. 

The third and last module is the most spectacular: the  festival. Let the fireworks begin! This expansion includes a deck of 65 cards and a small board to place them on. Throughout the game, players will obtain festival cards, which containvery powerful actions that can be executed when indicated by the text, as long as certain requirements are met. Inside the deck there are brawl cards (marked in red) that cause direct interaction between the players. It's up to you whether or not to use them in a game... You decide if you want to embrace the chaos or prefer a more relaxed session! 


The match 

In Bitoku, players use cards and dice to carry out actions in different locations on a large central board, which represents the ancestral forest. With them they can build buildings, seek the favor of new yōkai to add to their hand, guide pilgrims on their path to enlightenment or help the mitama, the lost souls who seek redemption through chinkon dragonflies. 

Points of sale 

Is your mouth watering? Can’t wait to try the new game modules? Head to your nearest store and pick up a copy of Bitoku Resutoran!