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    Discover Savernake Forest

    Help the forest animals collect and store food in Savernake Forest.

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    Ierusalem Anno Domini

    Sit as close as you can to Jesus and his Apostles during the Last Supper in Ierusalem Anno Domini

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    Announcing Two New Pocket Games!

    In June/July Devir Games will launch two new Pocket games, just in time for summer! he Pocket series is great for any situation; these are games that can be played anytime, anywhere.

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    Reprints are coming!

    Reprints are coming! We just signed off on several reprints of the Pocket games including Ouch!, Veggies, Winter and Walkie Talkie

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    Coming Soon: Savernake Forest!

    Winter is coming and it’s time for the forest dwellers to store their food.  Players must construct pathways through the forest so that the adorable animals...

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    Coming Soon: Bamboo!

    Is your house in balance?  In Bamboo, players collect bamboo, decorate their houses, offer incense to the temple spirits and all the while must keep...

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    Coming Soon: Ierusalem Anno Domini!

    Based on the best-selling book!  Ierusalem centers around the Last Supper in which players jockey to place their followers near the apostles who sit at the table. 

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    Now Available: The Magic Labyrinth!

    Last year Devir Games entered a publishing agreement with Schmidt/Drei Magier for the United States and The Magic Labyrinth is one of the classic games that now falls under the Devir Games umbrella.

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