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  1. cheating-moth-available
    news, on the front page
    Cheating Moth is available now! 

    Cheating Moth is a game from the Schmidt line that has been a perennial best-seller for Devir in Spanish, and we’re pleased to announce that we now have the English version for the U.S

  2. Cockroach-Poker-available
    news, on the front page
    Cockroach Poker is available now! 

    In mid-2022 Devir announced a publishing partnership with Schmidt Spiele to release several of their well-known titles in English for the U.S. market, including Cockroach Poker

  3. Ouch-capital-back-stock
    news, on the front page
    Ouch is back in stock!

    Ouch! is a card game created by Romain Caterdjian and Théo Rivière and illustrated by Fran Collado. 

  4. lacrimosa-board-game
    news, on the front page
    Lacrimosa Board Game release October 2022

    For immediate release – After a wildly successful release at Essen Spiel - the world’s largest board game convention - Devir Games will release a brand new game in North America centered around completing Mozart’s Requiem. 

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