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Step into the shoes of an intrepid desert traveler in Sand!

The golden age of human beings has long passed. No one remembers what was in this vast place, which people refer to only as the desert. A few brave travelers challenge the heat and dunes to transport goods between the last human communities, which survive among the ruins of ancient and splendid cities or in makeshift camp

  1. Sand
    news, on the front page, actualidad
    Designer Diary: Sand

    Authors Javier Pelizzari and Ariel di Costanzo detail the creation process of Sand.

  2. news, on the front page
    España 1936, the great game about the Spanish Civil War, returns in a revised and expanded edition

    Devir reissues Antonio Catalán’s classic, with new components and modern design

  3. making-impact
    news, on the front page
    Making an impact with 3 Ring Circus Solidarity Deck

    Thanks to your help, we were able to raise more than $8000 to donate to the foundation.