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Mínimo/máximo jugadores2-2
Edad mínima recomendada+14
Tiempo de juego180
Learn: 30
Teach: 30
  • Author Antonio Catalán
  • Illustrator Joan Guardiet
  • Game mechanics Card driven, Events, Hand Management, Wargame
  • Player Type Amateur, Diehard Gamer
  • Gaming Situations Duel!

España 1936 (2024 Edition)

Lovers of strategy games and historical simulation titles are in luck. 16 years after its first publication, España 1936 returns to stores with a completely renewed art and in an edition that includes the expansion “The Armada”, the 1938 scenario and the addition of 8 cards, for optional use, which add uncertainty to the events. Ready for a true historical immersion?

Designed by Antonio Catalán, this new edition has illustrations by Joan Guardiet (The White Castle, Checkpoint Charlie). It allows games for two players, from 14 years old, lasting about 120 minutes. Spain 1936 is a simulation game that recreates the events that occurred in Spain between July 1936 and April 1939, a conflict between two ways of conceiving the Spain of its time.

The objective of each of the two sides is to win the war by dominating the territories. One of the players will lead the troops loyal to the government of the Republic and the other the rebels, who called themselves nationals. The game can be won by controlling more objective zones than the opposing player at the end of ten turns, or before, by meeting one of the automatic victory conditions (that the national side controls Madrid before turn 3, for example).

The game begins after the military uprising of July 18, 1936 and the first military movements. The game board represents the map of Spain, which shows the most prominent areas of the conflict, linked by lines of movement, with two squares, where the pieces of each side will be placed. Players will have tokens, which represent the different military units of each side that will face each other. On the other hand, each player will have cards that represent events that occurred during the war and that can modify the normal development of the game. And finally, each player will have a set of 5 dice that will be used to decide the outcome of the fights.

At the time of its original edition, España 1936 received nominations for the CSR Awards, IGA and Origins Awards. Acclaimed by critics and players, this title is a privileged gateway to strategy and historical simulation games, as it scales very well depending on the players' experience. The additional modules included in this edition are designed to improve replayability and provide an extra challenge for veterans who want to return to the trenches.