Coming Soon:  Bamboo! 

Is your house in balance?  In Bamboo, players collect bamboo, decorate their houses, offer incense to the temple spirits and all the while must keep their families fed and their houses in balance.  Don’t be fooled by the size of the box; Bamboo is a big, puzzly game full of challenges.  Bamboo will hit the shelves in mid-March!

How to play Bamboo

Eat, pray, love... And grow bamboo! In Bamboo, players take on the role of clans that use the fruits of their labor to take care of their family and thus earn happiness points. It is a game of action management and tile optimization that is both accessible and deep. Through incense offerings in the temples, players will gain the favor of the spirits of the forest, while decorating their homes in search of a perfect balance that brings maximum happiness.


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