Coming Soon: New Worker-Placement Game, Salton Sea

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Salton Sea. This game is a tabletop challenge designed for 1-4 players, offering a unique and immersive gaming experience that combines strategy, resource management, and educational awareness.


The Salton Sea, a highly saline body of water in Southern California, is home to one of the largest brine reserves in the United States. Its characteristics make it a unique location to generate geothermal energy. In this area of intense geothermal activity, players will assume the role of a company that will drill and extract the steam and hot water to obtain lithium and other materials to sell, allowing them to lead the energy transition away from fossil fuels and toward a completely renewable future. 

The rulebook for Salton Sea includes a forward by geologist Marc Belzunces discussing how geothermal energy works, why it is important, and why the Salton Sea is such a valuable resource for producing geothermal energy.

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Salton Sea Immerses Players into the World of Sustainable Energy

Salton Sea challenges players to navigate the complexities of sustainable energy while exploring the fascinating ecosystem of the Salton Sea. The game features an innovative mechanic with multi-use cards, allowing players to utilize them as currency or as powerful worker placement spots, adding a unique strategic layer to the gameplay.

Key features of Salton Sea:

  • Engaging Gameplay: In Salton Sea, there is no single path to success. This allows the 1-4 players to experiment and play how they want, making for a strategic sandbox in both solo and group play.
  • Multi-Use Cards: The multi-use cards provide players with the flexibility to use cards as currency or as specialized worker placement spots. This strategic element adds depth to the decision-making process.
  • Immersive Theme: Set against the backdrop of the Salton Sea, the game features great artwork and thematic elements that transport players to this intriguing and ecologically diverse landscape.
  • Educational Awareness: Devir Games is committed to promoting educational awareness, and Salton Sea is no exception. The game incorporates elements that shed light on sustainable energy practices and the environmental significance of the Salton Sea region.

Salton Sea Game Summary

Salton Sea will be available beginning February 5 at your friendly local retail store and here: