Devir launches a pack of cards in support of the MONA Foundation!

All profits will be donated to the organization, which works to rescue and rehabilitate abused animals.

Coinciding with the publication of the board game 3 Ring Circus, Devir launches a solidarity campaign with animals as the main protagonists. The publisher has prepared a special deck for the game, which can be purchased separately, and whose profits will be donated entirely to the Mona Foundation. This deck replaces the cards that show animals in the game with other circus attractions, maintaining their effect but providing an alternative design.

3 Ring Circus, developed by Fabio Lopiano and Remo Conzadori and illustrated by Edu Valls, offers players the chance to run a small circus in the United States at the end of the 19th century. At the same time as they grow their company, players will have to offer performances in different towns and cities, seeking to obtain the highest number of fame points. Among the shows they can buy and offer, there are tricks performed by all kinds of animals, as used to be the case more than a century ago

If we look at history from the perspective of the 21st century, we will see that some practices of the circus industry are totally reprehensible today. Animals were taken away from their habitats and mistreated in performances that now seem totally out of place. Far from reproducing an idealized image of the circus world, we want the players to be aware of this reality as well. This pack of cards also sends the message that animals should not be part of the circus and that they deserve to be rescued from this environment of mistreatment to live a dignified life.

The Mona Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescue and rehabilitate primates. Since 2001, this organization has taken care of chimpanzees and monkeys that have been working as circus and television artists, advertising models or even mascots. An invisible mistreatment until recently in our society. Many have lived long years in absolute solitude and terrible conditions, but the rehabilitation center provides an excellent home for these rescued primates, where they recover physically and psychologically living in a family with their fellows, in a natural environment. In addition to rescuing and rehabilitating primates, Fundación Mona also develops environmental education programs as well as training and ethological research programs with the objective of contributing to the conservation of primates and their natural habitats.

The game 3 Ring Circus is Devir's big bet for this summer. The authors, Fabio Lopiano (designer of Merv, Autobahn or Calimala) and Remo Conzadori, have integrated several mechanics so that players, throughout the game, can build a card engine on their personal boards that will allow them to make all kinds of combos to get resources and points. But if the strategic component is already attractive, the graphic section is not far behind. Edu Valls (responsible for the illustrations of games like Bitoku or Tiny Turbo Cars) has deployed all his talent to transfer the magic of the American circus of a century ago to the board game. Valls has been inspired by historical circus posters to give life to the different attractions that will be added to the companies. In addition, the game incorporates a solitaire game mode, created by David Turczi (author of games such as Imperium and Bitoku's solitaire mode).

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