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Mínimo/máximo jugadores2-5
Edad mínima recomendada+8
Tiempo de juego15
Learn: 15
Teach: 10
  • Author Wolfgang Kramer
  • Illustrator Bascu
  • Game mechanics Pattern Building, Real Time, Time Limit

Flash 10

If you blink, you might miss it! In Flash 10 all players play at the same time and try to create a row of 10 cards from left to right in ascending order. You'll have to be lightning fast if you want to complete your line before everyone else. But be careful, because some cards give extra points and in the end your opponents may take the victory from you.

Designed by the legendary Wolfgang Kramer (author of great games like El Grande or Downforce and 5 times winner of Spiel des Jahres), Flash 10 is a new title in Devir's pocket collection. This frenetic card game allows games for groups of 2 to 5 players, from 8 years old. The objective of the game is to score more points than the rest, creating a row of cards from left to right in ascending order.

Flash 10 contains 120 cards, of which 100 are numbered (0 to 99) and 20 are storm cards. To start playing you just have to shuffle all the cards and deal 10 to each player, which they will place on the table, face down. Once the cards are revealed, players can take new cards from the deck and place them on top of those in their play area, so that up to 10 stacks of cards can be formed. If a player draws a storm card, they may place it on top of any of their cards or piles. These cards do not interrupt the row, but at the end of the game each storm card left in view will subtract 1 point.

The game ends immediately when a player manages to place his 10 visible cards in ascending order or when the deck of cards is exhausted. Players will score points for their cards: starting from the left, each player checks which of their cards are in ascending order. You get one point for each numbered card that is in the correct order. If there is a card in ascending order that has a lightning bolt, get one more point. You can write down the scores of all the players, shuffle all the cards and start another game. Continue playing and adding points until a player reaches an amount decided at the beginning, such as 50 points.

Flash 10 is a very versatile game, so it can be adapted to different situations. If you want to play a simpler version, you can go without the storm cards and play only with the numbered cards. You can also try Thunder mode, in which you start with 8 cards and each time a player completes an ascending sequence they can add a new card to their play area until they complete a sequence of 10 cards.

The games in the pocket collection stand out for their compact format, ideal for taking anywhere, and for their low price, suitable for all types of pockets. With different themes and mechanics, each pocket is unique and can be adapted to the needs of different gaming groups. In the case of Flash 10, by allowing games of up to 5 players, it is a perfect game to liven up any family or friends gathering. The games will be frenetic as you try to find your line of 10 cards. Not only you have to be quick at drawing cards, you also have to be quick at deciding which numbers to keep and which to cover. Let the storm begin!