Prepare your pockets because... 2 new Pockets are coming!
Affordable, portable games for all types of gamers.

Yokai Sketch and Blind Business - a game for each pocket! At the start of this summer, two new titles will be added to Devir's Pocket line, the perfect collection to take anywhere because of its portable format. At an attractive price point, pocket games are the best travel companion. In addition, thanks to their variety in terms of themes, mechanics and design, they adapt to different gaming groups.

This time, we have a new unbeatable proposal for two players set in the Kemushi saga as well as a great little game for groups in which bluffing will be key.

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Yokai Sketch

 2| 20 min|+12 years|PT - ES - CA - IT - EN

Ideal for: Couples who love Japanese mythology

When the little ones enter a forest, they always open their eyes wide... Because they may come across some Yokai! Driven by a boundless curiosity, humans draw these mysterious and elusive spirits in their notebooks to understand their nature and learn from them.

In Yokai Sketch you will compete in a duel to complete the most drawings of these elusive forest spirits. Sometimes you can even use the Yokai's powers to hinder your opponent. With illustrations by the legendary Vincent Dutrait (illustrator of Amazonia, Holi, Museum and Explorers), Yokai Sketch joins the Kemushi saga, the thematic setting that includes Silk, Bitoku and Bamboo.

Get your notebooks ready, sharpen your pencils and capture the essence of the forest spirits

Blind Business

 2-5|30 min|+10 years|PT - ES - CA - IT - EN

Ideal for: Good negotiators and bluffing aces.

There’s a big party in Ricky Town! For the main event, the mayor has called for a contest to knock down a big Ricky Donkey piñata, the symbol and mascot of the city. This is a highly anticipated event in which everyone wants to participate to win candy and the grand prize inside. Gather your team with members from the different districts of the city, put your blindfold on, and try to win the trophy and awe your neighbors.

In this fun card game, negotiation and deduction will be the key to victory. Throughout the game your cards will be visible to the rest of the players, but keep in mind, you will also be able to see theirs. To beat your rivals you will have to make blind deals with them in order to get the best cards.

With illustrations that transport us to the early years of animation (and a nod to Cuphead) Blind Business is a game with quick play and fun in which the best bluffs always take the cake.

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