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Mínimo/máximo jugadores2-4
Edad mínima recomendada+8
Tiempo de juego15
Learn: 15 min
Teach: 10
  • Author Josep Maria Allué, Dani Gómez
  • Illustrator Albert Monteys
  • Game mechanics Hand Management
  • Player Type Explorer, Family Focused, Habitual, Sociable, Sporadic
  • Gaming Situations At the Pool, Cena de parejas, Sobremesa con suegros, Visita sobrinos

Castellers - New Edition 2017

This is a card game which takes 20 minutes to play where you build human towers through hand management. Turns are played clockwise, with each player being able to either take a group of castellers from the table, take two cards from the deck, or raise part of their human tower.

To win the game, you must have the most points (or applause). The points are won throughout the game, the player who raises one of the towers first gets 4 points, if that tower is built by another player, they will only receive 3 points, the next 2 points, and the last player 1 point.

Once a player has risen 3 towers, the game ends and the points are counted.