Devir Pocket, our new line of pocket games, is here!


We present the Devir Pocket, a collection of small format games, economical and with rules that are explained in 5 minutes. We inaugurate the new line with three simple, fast and fun card games.


Walkie Talkie

Nº of Players: 2– 8|  Game Time: 1 - 4 min| Age: +8 años| Languages: ENG

Walkie-Talkie is a cooperative card game created by Sheila Santos and Israel Cendero in which 2 to 8 players can participate. The games are very fast, between 1 and 4 minutes depending on the number of players. The objective is to achieve the highest score possible by discarding all the cards in your hand. In Walkie-Talkie, transmitting and receiving information quickly and efficiently is key to scoring the highest score!



Nº of Players: 2– 4|  Game Time: 20 min| Age: +8 años| Languages: ENG

Veggies is a Jog Kung card laying game illustrated by Roman Kucharski and Àlex Santaló. The games last about 20 minutes and can be played by 2 to 4 players from 8 years old. To win, you have to score the most points by grouping sets of fruits and vegetables in your market stall, avoiding the mice.



Nº of players: 2– 5|  Game Time: 10 min| Age: +5 años| Languages: ENG

Ouch! is a card game created by Romain Caterdjian and Théo Rivière and illustrated by Fran Collado. Recommended for ages five and up, it can be played by 2 to 5 players in games lasting about ten minutes. Players will compete to obtain the largest and most varied number of cactus flowers while avoiding the sharp spikes.