Gen Con  is  coming!

For lots of gamers, August means Indianapolis, it means the biggest table top game event in North America, it means Gen Con. And of course, Devir will be there!

Our focus for Gen Con will be 3 Ring Circus, a new game from accomplished designers Fabio Lopiano and Remo Conzadori, with beautiful illustrations from Edu Valls.  In 3 Ring Circus, players move their circuses around the U.S. circa 1900, performing shows in cities and towns, hiring the most exciting performers, and staying one step ahead of P.T. Barnum to earn money and fame.  It’s a puzzly, tense game as players compete for artists and race to perform first in various locations.

By the way you can meet Fabio in our booth on Thursday and Friday from 4-5!


And if you catch us at Gen Con, special promo Solidarity Packs will be sold to benefit the Fundació Mona, an organization that rescues and rehabilitates performing animals. Find out more here!

Besides that, we’ll be showing Ierusalem:  Anno Domini, Savernake Forest, new Pocket Games, serving popcorn, offering special sales, and having lots of fun. So join us at Gen Con; it’ll truly be the greatest show in board games!