Top 10 Sellers of 2023

January is a good month to look back and see what your favorite games were in the past year. Here’s the top10 best-selling games in 2023. 



The heron flies over the Himeji sky while the Daimio, from the top of the castle, watches his servants move. Gardeners tend the pond where the koi carp live, warriors stand guard on the walls, and courtiers crowd the gates, pining for an audience that brings them closer to the innermost circles of the court. When night falls, the lanterns are lit and the workers return to their clan.

In The White Castle, players control one of these clans and want to score more points than the rest. To do so, they must amass influence in the court, manage resources boldly, and place their workers in the right place at the right time. All of the action takes place in the most imposing fortress in modern Japan: Himeji Castle, where the banner of the Sakai clan flies under the orders of Daimio Sakai Tadakiyo.


The circus has come to town! Under the tent, jugglers, clowns, magicians, strongmen and wild beasts capture the curiosity of a dedicated audience that applauds non-stop. After each performance, your little troupe accumulates fame and may one day pique the interest of P.T. Barnum, the greatest circus mogul of all time.

In 3 Ring Circus, players take on the role of a circus director who tours the United States at the end of the 19th century. Your objective is to hire artists and offer performances in various towns and cities with the intention of gaining fame. In towns, features are easy to set up and give you starting resources to upgrade your cast; small cities are somewhat more demanding, but they allow you to come into contact with better artists; audiences in big cities are even more demanding and want to see very specific numbers, but performing there brings you much more fame!


In Reiner Knizia's Mille Fiori (meaning Thousand Flowers), you take the role of glass manufacturers and traders who want to profit as much as they can from their role in the production of fine glass art.

The game board features different aspects of the glass production cycle: workshops where the glass is created, houses where it's installed, people who support your work, trade shops where it's sold, and the harbor where ships take the glass to faraway locations. You want to be present in all of these areas, preferably at just the right time to maximize your earnings. The gameboard features 109 spaces, with one card in the deck for each of those spaces.

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Ouch! is a card game created by Romain Caterdjian and Théo Rivière and illustrated by Fran Collado. Recommended for ages five and up, it can be played by 2 to 5 players in games lasting about ten minutes. Players will compete to obtain the largest and most varied number of cactus flowers while avoiding the sharp spikes.


Cockroach Poker is a reverse set collection game that has nothing to do with poker – except that the game is all about bluffing, with cards that show cockroaches, rats and stink bugs. The goal is to force another player to collect 4 of any one type of critter.


In Ierusalem Anno Domini, each player represents one of the communities of followers of Jesus of Nazareth who, coming to Jerusalem from nearby towns and villages, want to approach the place of the Last Supper and position themselves as close as possible to the seats of Jesus and his apostles.

Designed by Carmen G. Jiménez and illustrated by L.A. Draws, Ierusalem Anno Domini can be played alone or with up to 4 participants. The goal of the game is to gain points sitting your followers at the table of the Last Supper. The closer they are to the apostles and to Jesus himself, the more victory points they will provide at the end of the game. The parabola tiles that we have accumulated, or the offering tokens will also give us points.


Help the animals collect and store food for the winter!
Savernake forest is a game in which 2 to 4 players build their own section of the forest with paths where animals and food will appear. To score the highest score, players must make sure the animals collect their favorite food. With dreamy artwork, the game offers a perfect balance of fun and strategy that makes it perfect for any type of toy library and playgroup. Take a walk through Savernake in autumn and let yourself be carried away by the charm of its wildlife!


Eat, pray, love... And grow bamboo! In Bamboo, players take on the role of clans that use the fruits of their labor to take care of their family and thus earn happiness points. It is a game of action management and tile optimization that is both accessible and deep. Through incense offerings in the temples, players will gain the favor of the spirits of the forest, while decorating their homes in search of a perfect balance that brings maximum happiness.

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Autumn is not the best time to climb up on a scaffold in Moscow, but it is still far better than doing so in the winter. Tsar Ivan wants to see results and our team will prove to him that we are the best builders in the city. We are sure to finish off those decorative arches with the brightest shining stones and ensure our place on the list of the government’s trusted workers.

TOP 10

Crouching between the trees, pencil in hand, you wait for the arrival of the Yokai so you can fill your notebook with sketches. In Yokai Sketch you’ll duel to complete the most drawings of the evasive forest spirits. You can also harness the powers of the Yokai to slow down your opponent.
Prepare your notebooks, shapen your pencils, and capture the essence of the forest spirits!